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Sep 9, 2016 Saying a principled no to your boss isn't easy, so let the experts show you how.. Apr 13, 2017 It stems from handshake protocols and how every "push" has a reply to ... However, before that, ask your boss if "OK Noted" is a policy or just a matter of style.. Dec 31, 2009 If I got some valuable feedback from my boss by mail, can I use this line in reply?. How do you respond to Boss? You think about this less if you are a boss or an older person. We can all be better at using OKs.. Jan 9, 2019 I always thought that the use of noted as a reply was a simple way of ... When did it become so corporateand furthermore, which boss.... Nov 23, 2020 is a response used to acknowledge a statement or request someone made. can be formal or informal depending on context and the speaker's.... Find out how to say "you're welcome" with natural stress and intonation and learn more ways to respond to thanks in American English.. Show appreciation to a colleague for helping out with a task or project. Thank your employer for a promotion or raise. Say thanks to a manager or supervisor for... 538a28228e

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